Gleidson Nascimento

SRE/Cloud Advisor at Urvin Finance


Scaling ABP on Kubernetes in Production


After creating your MVP and getting it up and running in your laptop, how far away are you from a Production setup? Is it much effort to make it run on containers? What if we want to use Kubernetes or other fancy orchestration solution? Then this talk is for you!

We will discuss how we have built and released dotnet on production at urvin.finance using ABP framework and all the best practices used for it. Come and learn what are the hurdles, obstacles and concessions you need to provide to stand up a secure production environment and scale at ease your ABP solution and serve it to millions of users.


Gleidson Nascimento is a software engineering leader based in Wellington, New Zealand. He has been responsible for delivering automation to large and complex integration environments to government and enterprise companies, and for helping Silicon Valley CxO-level executives to technically bootstrap start-ups, from ideation all the way to Series C funding.

He is also an active open-source developer, helping organisations to deliver FOSS solutions to the community such as Moleculer-go and goa.design.

Currently, he is helping the team at urvin.finance build a platform that empowers retail investors with the data, education, community and tools necessary to level the playing field and prosper. He also publicly speaks at conferences and provides workshops about company culture, automation and communication.