Halil İbrahim Kalkan

Co-Founder of Volosoft


Kubernetes Integrated Microservice Development with ABP Studio


Microservice architecture is a quite common approach to build highly scalable solutions with a large development team. While there are standard tools, like Kubernetes, to deploy, run and scale your microservices, the development side is not as mature as that. It is not easy to develop, run and test a single microservice that depends on other microservices and services. Running a copy of the entire system in the developer's machine is impractical.

In this talk, I will introduce an efficient way of creating a development environment that is well integrated to Kubernetes. In this way, you can just run the microservice you are building and let Kubernetes run all your dependencies in your local machine or a remote server.

I will demonstrate the solution by introducing and using a brand new tool for ABP Developers: ABP Studio!


I'm a software architect & developer who loves to work on open source projects. See my Github profile

I'm the lead developer of the ABP framework (see https://github.com/abpframework/abp and abp.io)

I'm mostly interesting in developing reusable framework & libraries, distributed systems, multi-threaded and scalable solutions. I'm talking at local and international conferences about multi-tenancy, microservice architecture and developer tools. I'm writing technical articles on various platforms.