Jamie Taylor

.NET developer at RJJ Software LTD

Empathy, Sympathy and Compassion

Speaker's Biography

Jamie Taylor: A software developer with 14 years' experience, a Microsoft MVP, "Most Visionary Software Development & Consultancy Managing Director" awardee for 2023, and a skilled podcaster with 5 years in engaging content creation.

With a versatile tech toolkit, Jamie crafts tailored solutions, while his MVP status showcases his community commitment. His visionary leadership drives excellence, and his podcasting journey reflects his prowess in relatable communication. An inspiring multi-faceted professional, Jamie embodies dedication, innovation, and impactful change.

Talk Abstract

We developers are fantastic at making the seemingly impossible possible, but there's a stereotype about us which has been hard to shake off: that we're curmudgeonly old so-and-so's.

It's actually something which goes way back to the start of the computer revolution in the '60s and '70s. At MIT, the system administrators used to call users "lusers" (i.e., "users with a silent L"). But it's time to break that cycle, we're not those people, and our users deserve better.

In this talk, I aim to walk through some of the key skills that I think all developers and technologists should aim to build up, and none of them are technical in nature at all.

Remember: it's never the user's fault.

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