Stefan Pölz

Clean C# Coder – Test-driven .NET Developer

Let's Build an incremental source generator with Roslyn

Speaker's Biography

Stefan's passion is to practice Clean Code and test-driven development in order to build maintainable high-performance software in an ever-evolving team, supported by tools from the .NET Ecosystem. He loves to attend and speak at public developer events, co-organize local community gatherings, stream live programming sessions, and author open source projects, complementing his expertise in professional software development. As Microsoft MVP (Developer Technologies), JetBrains Community Contributor (.NET) and co-organizer of, it's his ambition to share knowledge about everything C#.

Workshop Abstract

(Incremental) source generators allow us to trade in a bit of compile-time for better performance during run-time: Instead of resorting to general-purpose types and methods, we may utilize auto-generated variants optimized specifically for our user code. With these at our fingertips, we could facilitate high-performance scenarios by, for example, a Reflection-free source. If nothing else, this Roslyn-based metaprogramming relieves authors of writing repetitive patterns over and over again.

Source generators have been available since the .NET 5 SDK. Along with the introduction of incremental generators in the .NET 6 SDK, Microsoft has also started releasing generators and continued to do so with the .NET 7.0 SDK.

We will try some generators, from both NuGet and out of the box, to understand typical use cases. After examining their implementation to learn more about the programming model, we will build our very own incremental source generator, test-driven of course, and tool-assisted. As finishing touches we shall apply mutation testing and benchmarking before we deem our package almost ready for potential publication.

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