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Open source
web application framework

ABP Framework is a complete infrastructure for creating software solutions with modern architectures based on the ASP.NET Core platform.


Modern architecture to create maintainable software solutions.

Microservice Compatible

The core framework & pre-built modules are designed with microservice architecture in mind.

User Interface
API Gateway

Modular Architecture

ABP provides a module system that allows you to develop reusable application modules, tie into application lifecycle events, and express dependencies between core parts of your system.

Pre-Built Modules & Themes

Open source and commercial modules & themes are ready to use in your business application.

NuGet & NPM Packages

Distributed as NuGet & NPM packages. Easy to install and upgrade.


All services & modules are designed with extensibility in mind. You can replace services, pages, styles and components.

Domain Driven Design

DDD Layers

Helps implement a DDD based layered architecture and build a maintainable code base.

Provides startup templates, abstractions, base classes, services, documentation and guides to help you develop your application based on DDD patterns & principles.

Documentation Download Free DDD Book


SaaS applications made easy! Integrated multi-tenancy from database to UI.

Tenant 1 Database
Tenant 2 Database
Tenant 3 Database
Connection Resolver
Tenant Based Data Filter
Application Code
Tenant Resolution
Tenant 1 User
Tenant 2 User
Tenant 3 User
Tenant 4 User


Full stack application infrastructure.

Authentication & Authorization

Rich authentication & authorization options integrated to ASP.NET Core Identity & IdentityServer4. Provides an extensible & detailed permission system.

Authentication & Authorization

Cross Cutting Concerns

Don't repeat yourself to implement all this common stuff again & again. Focus on your business code and let ABP automate them by conventions.

Cross Cutting Concerns

Distributed Event Bus

Easily publish & consume distributed events using built-in Distributed Event Bus with RabbitMQ integration available.

UI Theming

Create reusable UI themes and layouts or use one of the pre-built UI themes.

UI Theming

Data filtering

Automatically filter on querying from the database to easily implement patterns like soft-delete and multi-tenancy.

Data Filtering

Bootstrap Tag Helpers & Dynamic Forms

Instead of manually writing the repeating details of bootstrap components, use ABP's tag helpers to simplify them and take advantage of the IntelliSense. Quickly build UI forms based on a C# model using the dynamic form tag helper.

Tag Helpers & Dynamic Forms

Audit Logging

Automatically trace all the operations and data changes in your system.

Audit Logging

HTTP APIs & Dynamic Proxies

Automatically expose application services as REST style HTTP APIs, and consume them with dynamic JavaScript and C# proxies.

The Startup Template

ABP’s application startup template provides a fully configured solution to jump start your development.

UI Options

Database Options


ABP CLI (Command Line Interface) is a command line tool to automate some common operations for ABP based solutions.

 > dotnet tool install -g Volo.Abp.Cli
> abp new [options]
> abp new Acme.BookStore -t app --ui mvc
 > dotnet tool install -g Volo.Abp.Cli
> abp add-module [options]
> abp add-module Volo.Blogging
 > dotnet tool install -g Volo.Abp.Cli
> abp update [options]
> abp update

Mastering ABP Framework

Written by the creator of the ABP Framework, this book will help you gain a complete understanding of the framework and modern web application development techniques.

Mastering ABP Framework 2

Free DDD E-Book

A practical guide for implementing the Domain Driven Design with the ABP Framework.

The Startup Template


Explore the comprehensive documentation and guides.