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Mobile Application Startup Templates

Build Powerful Line of Business Applications using ABP Mobile Startup Templates

ABP provides two mobile application startup templates implemented with React Native and .NET MAUI. When you create your new ABP-based solution, you will also have basic startup applications connected to your backend APIs.

The application has a pre-built authentication token cycle, multi-language support, multi-tenancy support, login, forgot password, profile management and a user management page. You can add your own business logic and customize it based on your requirements.

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React Native dotnet MAUI

Two Framework Options

ABP provides both React Native and .NET MAUI mobile startup templates. This way, you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Both apps reuse code at the highest rate between iOS and Android platforms.

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Pre-integrated to Your Backend

ABP Mobile applications are pre-integrated to your backend APIs. It gets a valid authentication token from the server and makes authenticated requests.

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It already supports more than 10 languages out of the box. You can also add next languages.

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Engage and Retain Your Customers with ABP Mobile Apps

Your customers want to manage their products and subscriptions from anywhere, anytime. That requires organizations to create mobile apps that enable customers to fulfill their requests quickly and seamlessly.

With ABP Mobile apps, you can create high-quality native mobile apps for Android and iOS… Using a single codebase and without compromising on security, quality, or scalability.

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Comes with the Source-Code

The mobile apps are provided with the source-code. Easily customize the UX/UI of your apps to meet branding guidelines.

One Code-Base Multiple Devices

ABP Mobile applications are cross-platform. They are ready to be installed and run on iOS and Android devices, and they adapt to different form factors using a single code base. Developers only need to create the UI and front-end code once, there is no need to adapt the code for each device you want to support.

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