ABP Live Training Packages

Enroll in ABP trainings to improve your skills and knowledge, keeping up with the latest developments.

Onboarding Packages

Beginner 6 hours

Set up your development environment with our consultant and find out the most suitable ABP solution template for your new application. See Details

Fundamental Packages

Fundamental Packages Application Development
Beginner 4 hours

This course will demonstrate the core concepts of developing an ABP application, from creating the application to unit testing. See Details

Fundamental Packages Infrastructure & Features
Beginner Intermediate 6 hours

This course dives into the features of the ABP framework in detail, along with how to configure and use these features in your application. See Details

Fundamental Packages User Interface Development
Beginner Intermediate 4 hours

This course consists of UI development with the ABP framework. You can pick one of the UI technologies: Angular, Blazor, or MVC (Razor Pages). See Details

Architectural Packages

Architectural Packages Domain-Driven Design
Intermediate 2 hours

This course will help you understand the core concepts of Domain-Driven Design and discuss how the ABP framework can help you with the implementation. See Details

Architectural Packages Multi-tenancy
Intermediate 2 hours

This course will help you understand SaaS application architectures and how to build multi-tenant aware systems using the ABP Framework. See Details

Advanced 6 hours

This course explains the concept of ABP modularity in detail and how to build maintainable modular applications using the ABP framework. This training is also good if you want to start as modular monolith first, then migrate to microservices later. See Details

Architectural Packages Microservice Development
Advanced 8 hours

This course explains the commercial ABP microservice application template with all the predefined services and third-party tools. By the end of this course, you will learn how to build microservice applications using the ABP microservice template. See Details

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