Create New Project

This wizard creates a new project from the startup template which is properly configured to jump start to your project.

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Creates a tiered solution where Web and Http API layers are physically separated. If not checked, creates a layered solution which is less complex and suitable for most scenarios.
Separates server side into two applications: First one is for the identity server and the second one is for your server side HTTP API.
Uses latest pre-release version (5.0.0-rc.1).

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Installing the ABP CLI

ABP CLI is the fastest way to start a new solution with the ABP framework. Install the ABP CLI using a command line window:

dotnet tool install -g Volo.Abp.Cli

Create a New Solution

abp new Acme.BookStore

You can use different level of namespaces; e.g. BookStore, Acme.BookStore or Acme.Retail.BookStore.

new command creates a layered MVC application with Entity Framework Core as the database provider. However, it has additional options. Examples:

# Use Blazor as the UI framework
abp new Acme.BookStore -u blazor

# Create a module template
abp new Acme.BookStore.Payment -t module
See the ABP CLI document for more options or select the "Direct Download" tab above.

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