Get Started

Install The ABP CLI

Install the ABP CLI in a command line terminal, if you haven't installed it before:

 > dotnet tool install -g Volo.Abp.Cli 

Create Your Solution

Run the following command in a command line terminal:

> abp new Acme.BookStore


You can change the solution options below.

Give your project a name

You can use different levels of namespaces; e.g. BookStore, Acme.BookStore or Acme.Retail.BookStore.

Select Project Type

Creates a fully layered solution based on Domain Driven Design practices.

Recommended for long-term projects that need a maintainable and extensible codebase.

Creates a single-layer web application.

Recommended for building an application with a simpler and easy to understand architecture.

Creates a reusable, fully layered application module solution.

You can use this option to create modules for your modular application.

Select UI Framework
Select UI Theme
See the screenshot
See the screenshot
Select Database Provider
Select Database Management System

Need Help?

Follow the links below

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Mastering ABP Framework
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