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ABP provides the infrastructure and tools to create business solutions using best practices and modern software architectures.

Don't repeat yourself, focus on your business and enjoy coding.

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Open Source Framework

The open-source ABP Framework stands at the heart of the ABP Platform.


Modern architecture to create maintainable software solutions.

  • Microservice Compatible
  • Modular Architecture
  • Domain Driven Design
  • Multi-tenancy
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Full stack infrastructure to achieve real world application requirements.

  • Authentication & Authorization
  • Validation, Caching, Exception Handling, Unit of Work
  • Audit Logging, Data Filtering
  • Distributed Event Bus, Background Jobs
  • UI Theming, Bundling & Minification
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Development Tool Kits

Startup Templates

Startup templates make you jump-start your project in a few seconds.


A complete solution architecture consisting of multiple applications, API gateways, microservices and databases to build a scalable solution with cutting-edge technologies.

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Layered/Modular Monolith

A fully layered (multi-project) solution based on Domain Driven Design practices for long-term and maintainable codebases.

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Simple Monolith

A single project with a simpler and easy to understand architecture.

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Database Providers

All starter templates offer multiple options for implementing your data access requirements.

UI Frameworks

ABP allows you to build your application with multiple UI framework options. Choose the best technology that fits your scenario.

Pre-built Application Modules

Most common application requirements are already developed for you as reusable modules.



Login, register, forgot password, email activation, social logins and other account related functionalities.

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Audit Logging

Reporting the user audit logs and entity histories in details.

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Real time messaging between users.

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User, role, claims and permission management.

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Provides integration for different payment gateways

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Manage tenants, editions and features to create your multi-tenant / SaaS application.

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Modern UI Theme

The LeptonX Theme for Your Admin Dashboard by ABP Platform

Core LeptonX Features

  • 1 Simplified menu.
  • 2 Your favorite pages at your reach.
  • 3 Breadcrumb for seamless switching.
  • 4 Your menu, as you wish.
  • 5 RTL support for your language.
  • 6 Easily arrange your content width.
  • 7 Your colors on your admin dashboard UI.

Mobile Application Integration

Integrated mobile application templates for your ABP based solutions.

Create Powerful line-of-business Applications using ABP Mobile Startup Templates

ABP Platform provides two mobile application startup templates implemented with React Native and .NET MAUI. 

When you create your new ABP-based solution, you will also have basic startup applications connected to your backend APIs.


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