In this episode, you'll learn what is going to come with the .NET 8.0 and ABP Platform 8.0 versions with Steve Sanderson as a guest!

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πŸ”— .NET Conf 2023 Playlist
πŸ”— .NET Conf 2023 Website
πŸ”— ABP Community Posts
πŸ”— ABP Community Videos
πŸ”— [NDC Porto 2023 Impressions:
πŸ”— Impressions of .NET Developer Days 2023 Conference
πŸ”— Highlights for ASP.NET Core & Entity Framework Core features shipped with .NET 8.0
πŸ”— .NET Aspire Overview
πŸ”— Announcing ABP.IO 8.0 RC Blog Post
πŸ”— Microsoft’s Migrate from ASP.NET Core 7.0 to 8.0 documentation
πŸ”— ABP Framework 7.x to 8.0
πŸ”— ABP Commercial 7.x to 8.0
πŸ”— Dynamic Claims
πŸ”— Bundling & Minification System
πŸ”— Read-Only Repositories
πŸ”— Suite: Creating Master/Detail Relationship
πŸ”— ABP Studio: